Affordable Tutoring Programs

Affordable Tutoring Programs

Why register for an affordable tutoring program?

If you are looking for a long-term increase in academic performance, to reach very specific goals, and our highest quality offering, you should consider registering for an affordable tutoring program. Registering for an affordable tutoring program has many benefits.  This assessment will cover;

a) a full academic evaluation based on the Canadian Basic Skills test

b) an educational success wheel – evaluating academic skills, motivation, and environmental supports

c) (if required) an in-depth academic performance assessment to identify reasons for lack of academic performance

d) lower cost – with our tutoring programs, group and private sessions are as low as $7.75/hour and $35/hour

e) guaranteed results Рwe are so confident in our evaluation method and program, we will offer a full refund for students who do not meet their academic goals after finishing our recommended program

Please find the table of offerings below with package prices, and feel free to contact us for clarification.

Table of Offerings

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